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 News Article
Creating our Culture of Love by Raking Leaves - By Arleth Sanchez-Pineda

At Arvada High School we are all a community and we love to help out our community. Arvada High School athletic program has been putting smiles on faces, by helping the community by raking leaves. Arvada High School decided to help because we all know how hard it is to rake up leaves all alone. We interviewed one of Arvada High Schools football players, Sebastian Owens. When asked why he likes to help the community he said, “It makes you feel good when you get to make people smile.” Sebastian was also asked what he has learned from this experience, and he replied with, “The Arvada community loves the help, and when you make someone's day it just makes you feel great.” Sebastian was later on asked, How participating in this helps him as a person and our athletic program. Sebastian then answered with, “Helping out with this makes me a better person and it helps make me a leader. I think that this helps our school because it shows people that Arvada High School and the students who go here aren't as bad as people make us sound.”  Raking the leaves in our community  continues to show our commitment to creating a culture of love and support.