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Is It Worth It? By Sydney Barnt

For most coaches, you could ask them why coaching a sport is important to them and a simple answer would be they need to fill their time or to get paid. This isn’t the case for coaches at Arvada High School.

The reason our head coach for our boys basketball team Vernon Whittington coaches is for the opportunity to reconnect with his past by still getting involved with activities that he loves. He talked about how he has outgrown his opportunity to play these sports and coaching is a way to ‘stay in the game’. “Coaching is important to me because it combines a lot of things I believe in life. It combines my faith and working with kids,” said Vernon Whittington.

For our head football coach and Family Liaison, Rod Allmon, he couldn’t imagine not having sports in his life, so he continued them into his adult life by coaching. “It’s worth it for me because I can’t play the sports for myself anymore and coaching gives me a way to stay connected with the things I love” Rod Allmon.